She tells me they die alone…

but perhaps, that is why they are dying. They are alone in their rooms, intubated and isolated from everyone else. Alone in their hospital rooms and beds, they think about their own deaths and how their bodies have crippled in the face of an unfaceable virus. It’s some kind of disease that rips the lungs right out of their bodies, rendering them completely useless.

My mom, a healthcare worker in two states, tells me they are placed in rooms where their loved ones cannot visit them. They remain in their beds as other patients are dying and being stored in big, white trucks. Doctors and nurses alike face the same likelihood of succumbing to this virus. It’s an invading agent resting right under the bellies of every major hospital in this country, its states and cities. Politicians and government leaders fret about the state of the economy and the different possibilities surrounding the coming election. Will Trump win again?

My father is very open about wanting Trump to win a second time. He just received his unemployment check in the mail from el Presidente himself. He’s starting to sound like he once lived under the Trujillo regime. His father, also my late grandfather, left the Dominican Republic to escape from Trujillo’s grip. He eventually left the island with his family and never looked back, but I guess that’s exactly how Trump got my father and his conservative friends. He has finally given them all they’ve wanted ever since they arrived on U.S. soil. He’s given them appreciation in the form of checks and money, not empty promises this time — just like every other President we’ve seen presiding over this grand country. Perhaps that is why we are all dying.

but perhaps that is why we are also mining for truth more than ever. Even as we are all united to fight this common “enemy” in the form of a virus, we are separated from each other by six feet. Is that distance enough in the end?

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